Importance of Having Car Covers

Buying vehicle covers is without problems the cheapest way to protect your automobile. With the dangers posed by means of dust, water, trees, and the entirety that surrounds your vehicle, a car cowl ought to save you lots of dollars for upkeep and paint jobs.

What are the risks of not overlaying your vehicle?

1. Changing climate situations. May or not it’s a wet day, a summer time day, or a day included with snow, these kinds of endanger the car’s paint process. Any climate poses as a threat to a automobile and it may make mild to brutal damages on the automobile. It additionally does no longer help that UV rays upload as much as the dangers along with the weather modifications as UV rays creates everlasting harm on the automobile’s paint. Not only that, it’ll boom the tendency for the car’s interiors to become worse as nicely.

2. Dust. You may not thoughts them that a great deal seeing that they’re so tiny and they are able to easily be eliminated with either wiping it off or washing the automobile however what you do now not understand is that dust debris have the tendency to paste into the auto’s paint and motive nicks and scratches inside the end. Plus, once the humidity will increase, mainly in the course of the summer time, the dirt debris should become grime ruining the car’s appearance.

3. Condensation. Vehicles are surprisingly vulnerable to water damage. Without proper air movement, condensation could shape on the car’s floor and could seep into the present scratches. The tiny blemishes ought to get worse and the colourful paint may want to fade out. Breathable car covers save you condensation from forming by allowing moisture to break out.

4. Falling tree branches and garage litter. Falling gadgets are commonly risky. When it entails vehicles, something from a dead bark, the edge of a ladder, or a stone ought to create a welt within the pristine finish of your car. Having a robust automobile cover should help do away with this risk. A heavy- responsibility cowl would serve as a cushion in an effort to come what may reduce the blow of falling gadgets and different things that might are available contact with the automobile’s surface.

How does a car cover assist in opposition to these dangers?

Car covers give a sizable amount of protection to your automobile. Water-evidence and weather- evidence ones are extremely useful in shielding it against rainwater, snow, or even the summer time heat. There also are the ones which are made to be UV resistant that is important in keeping a favorable temperature in the vehicle. Breathable ones remove condensation, and the gentle but strong ones guard the automobile from bumps and dents.

Toyota announces Prius recall for vehicle risk to stop walking alone

Failure to operate the hybrid system safety mode may result in a loss of power; 432 units of the penultimate generation are involved Toyota of Brazil announced a recall involving 432 units of the Prius on Friday (4) due to a possible failure of the safety device automatically triggered in case of a failure in the hybrid system of the vehicle.The call encompasses units produced between July 9, 2011 and September 26, 2013, that is, the penultimate generation of the model. All chassis involved have JTDKN36U initial alphanumeric code, ending between 1392952 and 1703224. According to the statement, if safety mode is not triggered as designed, ” engine power and speed will be reduced, with the vehicle completely stopped while driving.” Thus, although steering and braking remain active, the car can stop walking even in situations where it is being driven at higher speeds, under “risks of physical and material injury to vehicle occupants and / or third parties. There are two indisputable truths about the Toyota dealer network: the first is that it rarely misses revision maintenance and the other is that it almost never hits the wheel caster. When you go outside or traveling trips you should buy mazda indoor car covers for your car safety.

We saw this in the Etios and Corolla of Long Duration (dismantled, respectively, in 2014 and 2015) and now it’s not being different with the Prius.The hybrid has just gone through the third review, and in all, the wheels had to be repositioned in order to obey the factory-recommended caster, including the wheel and tire set of the spare tire.” The vast majority of brands recommend a simpler caster, where you simply reverse the wheels between the front and rear axles, without alternating between the right and left sides. Whenever the Longa fleet has a car that does not comply with this rule, we refocus our attention on the verification made after each revision, which is when the carriage service is done, accompanied by alignment and balancing, “explains Pericles Malheiros, editor of Long Duration .

Impressions: BMW i8 Roadster, the irrational fun became greener

The BMW i8 Roadster is able to rotate at high speeds without making a noise – so you can hear the haters on call. The BMW i8 is the meeting that the very enthusiast hates – and the millennials love it. There is hybrid powertrain, rechargeable battery in the socket, economy driving mode, key that looks like a smartphone and even a sound system that helps to compensate for the sound apathy of the 1.5 turbo derived from the Mini Cooper. And now include in the polarizing recipe a convertible version, which arrives in Brazil this year under commission for an undisclosed price. But expect something in the range of $ 900,000, enough to buy a BMW M5 and still carry 45,000 liters of gas to use while listening to the owner of the i8 Roadster saying that it takes only 4.5 hours to 220V to charge your battery. Of course there is no rational defense to put the only Brazilian hybrid convertible in the garage. Neither the combined consumption (which can reach 50 km / l, according to the factory) nor the 0 to 100 km / h in 4.6 s – 0.2 slower than the coupe – are good arguments against the sky high price. The BMW i8 makes the style of those who live connected in social networks sporting designer clothes, paradisiac beaches and exclusive parties. And to the delight of the influencers, the convertible version kept the iconic doors that open upwards, which look good on any Instagram filter.

The canvas ceiling does not match the striking “e-cooper orange” color, but it is possible to take it off in 15 seconds (and up to 50 km / h) at the touch of a button. The removable cover left the trunk with a whopping 88 liters of volume and eliminated the two rear seats, yet the range of the i8 Roadster was expanded.Of course we are not talking about Facebook posts. The sport goes literally further, as it has received improvements from the new i8 Coupe (which has already begun to be sold in Brazil without changes in the visual).The batteries arranged under the high central tunnel had their capacity increased from 20 to 34 Ah, which was reflected in an electric range of 53 km, 16 more than the previous model. Of breaking, the electric motor in the front gained 12 hp, raising the combined power to 374 hp.Better without autobahn Of course the first thing one thinks of when testing a sports car in Germany is to look for the nearest motorway that has unlimited speed sections. With the i8 Roadster we managed to find this a few minutes after leaving Munich, but soon after the animation became frustration. And it is not because of the maximum speed limited to 250 km / h, typical of most German sports. The problem is that after 200 km / h, seems to lack breath to the i8, which requires a long track on the left to get to its maximum. It’s not like an M5, which even pulls its back from the seat when it lands on the limiter, making it clear its ability to go further. Better to think that the problem is not the car, but the environment. Just enter the first winding downhill road for the convertible to shine. Even weighing 1,670 kg (60 kg more than the coupe), the sporting car delivers an agility that shifts from the huge 2.80 m axles and the modest 195/50 (front) and 215/45 (rear) wheels of 20 inches.Sport mode keeps the 231-hp three-cylinder engine switched on all the time, while using speakers under the seats to create a dynamic-sounding experience. The all-wheel-drive, firm suspension and driving position close to the floor help the driver to seek the insane 100 km / h of the narrow German rural roads. The only recommendation is to enjoy this closed-ceiling scenario.

Electric turbulence

BMW has included a discreet rear porch behind the seats, which can be raised to reduce turbulence in the cabin when the roof is collapsed. But during our test drive, the wind noise above 100 km / h was so high that it discouraged any faster open-air ride. Other convertibles, including those of BMW, cope better with this aerodynamic challenge. On the other hand, only the i8 Roadster allows you to rotate at high speeds just listening to the rustling of the trees or the birds singing. And it’s not poetry: the i8’s electric mode only turns on the combustion engine if you stick the accelerator pedal on the floor. Otherwise, you can leave the highway and arrive at your vacation home enjoying the look and sounds of nature.Not that the sellers of the nine BMW dealers authorized to market line i in Brazil need to use this argument, show the key with LCD screen or explain that the parts that support the roof are made with 3D printers.

New Mercedes C-Class is the first hybrid car made in Brazil

Sedan assembled in Iracemapolis (SP) gained visual touches, new full-led headlights and unprecedented partial hybrid version. Mercedes presented today in Brazil the new Class C restyled . The model arrives in the versions C180 Exclusive and Avantgarde C300 Sport and the new C200 EQ Boost, that in addition to the visual changes and content introduced in the line has a new partial hybrid system , with an electric motor that assists the engine in combustion in the starts and accelerations. The new C-Class will be one of Mercedes’s attractions at the Sao Paulo Motor Show from November 8 to 18, when it starts arriving in stores. Due to the news, the versions that already existed were about 5% more expensive. The C180 Avantgarde costs R $ 187,900, C180 Exclusive 188,900 and C300 Sport, R $ 259,900. The new C200 EQ Boost comes out for $ 228,900. There is still an AMG sports version, which will be released soon. For now Mercedes has only presented the versions that are assembled in Brazil. All Class C sedans, except sports sedans, are produced at the company’s factory in Iracemapolis (SP). Visually, the C-Class has changed little. At the front, the bumper was redesigned. But the main novelty is the new full led headlights.The wheels also have new design. And in the rear, the lanterns did not change in outline, but internally. Now, when they are accessed, the light is in the form of C

Inside, there are new color options for flooring, depending on the version as well as finishing materials of the console, which is glossy black, in the Avantgarde version, brown wood, in Exclusive and gray wood, in Sport. In addition, the digital and configurable dashboard and multimedia center now have a GPS navigation system in connection with smartphone applications with Apple or Android systems. Mechanically, the main novelty comes on board the C200 EQ Boost version, which features an alternator that can function as an electric motor assisting the electric motor in starts and accelerations. The C200 EQ Boost is equipped with a combustion engine 1.5 of 183 hp of power and 28.6 mkgf of torque that gains up to 14 hp and 16.3 kgfm with the help of the electric motor. The gearbox is 9-speed automatic. According to Mercedes, the C200 EQ Boost accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 7, 7 seconds and reaches 239 km / h of maximum speed. To install the electric motor, Mercedes has provided the Class C with a new 48 Volt electric system with an additional battery. The conventional 12V battery continues to exist to supply power to different car systems, such as air conditioning, for example. In addition to assisting in acceleration, the EQ Boost helps fuel economy because the energy accumulated by the EQ Boost system can be used by the Start / Stop system to start the engine, and also to allow the use of the freewheel function. At times when the driver releases the accelerator pedal, the EQ Boost can shut off the engine while the 48V system keeps the different car systems running. According to Mercedes, the EQ Boost can reduce fuel consumption by up to 10%. We drive the C200 EQ Boost Class and we can see the system running. Turning at 120 km / h, on the road, we lightened the accelerator foot on a slope and rolled for some time with the spindle indicating 0 rpm. The engine turned back on as soon as we stepped on the accelerator again as the car’s speed began to drop. Regarding the behavior, the C200 EQ offers the same comfort as its peers, running smoothly even when the driver selects the Sport Plus mode in the driving mode selector with Eco, Comfort, Sport, Sport Plus and Individual, which adjusts the responses of the engine / shift, steering / suspension and ESP.